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Professional training for animators of all levels

From beginners and students to mid-  and advanced level animators who want to boost their techniques and artistry and reach the next level in photoreal animation in VFX, this place is dedicated to you! I will deliver the first-class training.

What You'll Learn

  • realistic 3D animation based on production workflow.

  • introduction to methodology, locomotion, behavior, animal and human anatomy, science of gravity, weight shift, rhythm and choreography, negative space, motion effects, impact, pose, arabesque and motion curve polishing techniques

  •  understanding of composition and storytelling, deep analysis  based on references and observations

  • study of realistic performance, acting and facial animation

  • comparison of animation and other major arts: sculpture, drawings, live action films

  •  various techniques and tips on rigging,  animation layers and many more

Weekly feedbacks 

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Lessons will be conducted via Zoom. Every session will be fully recorded so you won't miss anything!

Everything will be explained with graphics and videos in theory and practice.

Production Quality Asset Rigs


Every student will be provided with state-of-the-art asset rigs. Ultra realistic skinning deformation and details with an incredible amount of controls and space switch options for achieving fantastic results.

Why is Animation Art? 

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Let's build a bridge!

Comparison between animation and other major arts, live action films, sculpture,  drawings and music for better understanding of your medium.



Rendering and Lighting

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The final piece of animation study will be rendered with Maya in high-quality lighting ready for your show reel.

Students Gallery


“ It was such an amazing and rewarding experience for me to be able to follow this Advanced Animation Class in body mechanic on a gorilla with Laurent. The purpose of this exercice was about to study in detail the anatomy of an ape and to re-imagine and understand the complexity of a reference with missing part. Laurent was really dedicated to share all his knowledge and his understanding of the creature locomotion. I learned a lot and I definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants to step forward on a strong fondation process of building a solid creature Keyframe animation. Thanks so much Laurent!”



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